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Traveling to Roatan island
How to get to Roatan Honduras?

You can get to Roatan via air (Juan Manuel Galvez international airport) or via ferry from "La Ceiba" city on board the "Galaxy Wave" ferry, or Utila island on board the "Utila Dream" ferry.

The Caribbean

Only available from Cayman islands to Honduras mainland (La Ceiba city) then you got an option to travel via domestic flight or via ferry.

North America (CANADA and USA)

The international airport has direct international flights from Atlanta, Miami, Dallas, and Houston (approx. 2 hours flight connection) via Delta Airlines, United Airlines, American Airlines and Avianca Airlines, also there are domestic flights for international flights arriving into mainland Honduran cities (Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula or La Ceiba). If you are located in Canada (Montreal, Ottawa or Toronto) you also can get to Roatan with a direct international flight.


If you are in Europe you can take a direct flight from Italy, also from Spain (Madrid) but only some times.

Central & South America

Flights are available from El Salvador (San Salvador) to Roatan via Avianca Airlines. If you are traveling from Panama or South America you can take a flight to San Pedro Sula or Tegucigalpa and after take a domestic flight to Roatan island.

Note: Please contact your travel agency company or search online for more detailed information.

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