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Tips Before Traveling to Roatan
Helpful tips for a perfect vacation in Roatan, Honduras

  • Positive Attitude

    The most important thing to bring to Roatan island is a positive attitude. Remember you’re doing what hundreds of thousands of people wish they could do, enjoying Roatan paradise.

  • Bring cash

    You will need cash to pay the excursion or tour by our local guide and also for extra activities you decide, or maybe you want to take a nice local hand craft memory from the island.

  • Visit our Blog

    For more information related to Roatan island cultures, life style, events & more, please visit our blog section "Roatan Blog" to read more useful information.

  • External battery pack

    It is always an excellent idea to ride with a charger for your mobile devices like your smarthphone, tablet, cameras, since you will be off the cruise ship for a considerable time.

  • Bring your Camera

    The island of roatan has spectacular places where you can take photographs without limit. Maybe a selfie on the highest hill in Roatan with the ocean and blue sky as background.

  • Bring copies of your passport

    If your passport get lost you want to be sure that you can still get back into the country, or be able to prove your citizenship, also store it in your email just as a backup.

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